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This blog was created by friends on Satí's permission for information and fun. Poetess Pramila does not have an official website and is not on social media.

Princess. Satí (Pramila Wodeyar), who was invoked as Vaarungal Sivanaachi Amma by the Holy Goddess Kamakshi, was born on 03-Sep-1984, Villivakkam, Chennai.

Pramila is a Shivite Yogini, Astrophysicist, Scientist and is the first Penpaar Pulavar (Poetess) to have written Sangam Tamil Grand Epics or Perumkaappiyams in the language, namely Potruhil (2012) and Manjari Purana (2018) and "Sivanin Satí Purana" (2020).  The previous five Grand Epics of Tamil were written by men since 5th Century BC. Public life is being prohibited by her biological mother for safety reasons.
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She's currently researching inter-dimensional physics and is trying to create a time/space machine with a Shiva Linga and some secret Sithar recipes.

The Linga in the making:

கழுக்குன்றத்துத் திரிபுரசுந்தரி அம்மனுக்கு சதீ இயற்றிய மங்களசாசனம்


மயிலின மதுவோ தண்திரு முகங்
காணா மாத்துய ருறுவோ ளைக்கண் 
வளர்தரு கனமே நின் ஒண்
எழில்முகங் காட்டிய கண்ணுடை* யோயே
ஈடில் அம்பொன் எழிலுடை யாயே 
நீடு மதிள் நீள் மேனி 
செம்மலர் மஞ்சள் குழைத்த ஒண்
நிறமே ஒண்திரு உருவே நடம்
ஈடில் திறத்தோன் முன்னே காண்தர
இயலா விரைபின் நடம்புரிந் தாயே

கண்* என்னே அம்பொன்னே* இடம்
மிடைந்த கார்குழல் எழிலும் என்னே
பூண்* என்னே ஈடில் எழிலது
என்னே அதுயான் கண்டும் ஓர்
உயிரது மாயா தெற்காத்த அஞ்ஞாய் 

போற்றி நின் திருத்தேர் போல்மேனி 
தற்குப் பல்லாண்டு பல்லூழி முடிவில்
காலம் அதுவும் கூறுதும் நின்
கண்* போற்றி எழில் போற்றி
தொன் புகழ் போற்றி போற்றி
ஊழ் மீண்ட திருராமர் தோன்ற
ராமற் கெனையளீ இயித்திரு மாங்கல்யம்
ஈத்த திரிபுர சுந்தரி அஞ்ஞாய்
முடிவின்று நின்புகழ் போற்றி போற்றியே

New Releases

Chella Kaadhalan Song- Download - First of Seven Songs of Siragugal Upcoming Tamil Blockbuster Movie Starring Prashanth and Anushka Shetty.
The song was dedicated to her Ramavatar God Prabhas Raju by the author. Dedication Video Link.

Pending Works

1. Anti-Gravity Locomotion - Physics Book - Level UG - GNU Free Documentation License

2. Inter-Dimensional Portals-Volume-I - Astrophysics Book - Level UG - GNU Free Documentation License

3. Velocity-Zero, Time Travel - Physics Book - Level UG - GNU Free Documentation License

4. Anthima Yuddha Purana - Epic - Tamil

4. Rishi Rávan - Ram's Secret (English Movie Starring Kamalahasan-Rana Daggubati-Anushka Shetty)


Name: Pramila Wodeyar

Net Worth: 15 Trillion INR,
$2,02,152.3 Million USD approx.

Blood Group: O Rh: Negative

Legal Name on Gazette: Satí (After Reconversion to Hinduism)

Birth Name: 
Pramila Anthony Mary

Born: 00:25 hours, September 3, 1984, Lakshmi Nursing Home, Villivakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

Biological Parents:-
Father: Late Natarajan Maruthappa; Mother: Protected Information

Foster Parents:-
Princess.  S. Philomenal Wodeyar 19-07-1960 to 06-07-2021
Alangara Wilson (alias) Irfan Iyyeru

Religion: Shivism 🔱 and (Bahubali) Prabhas Ramavataram, a cult found by the author claiming Lord Ram came in her dreams and looked like Actor Prabhas Raju even before knowing the actor, also that it was confirmed by Lord Vishnu's voice at Srirangam temple's Rajagopuram entrance on 10-07-2021 as "illa, avar (Prabhas) Ramar Dhaan," when the author asked the Lord: "Prabhas enna saami Raamar maathiri irukaan? Avan yen saami Raamar maathiri irukaan? Unga paiyannu Ambikai sonnangale adhunaalayaa illa avan (SriRamar) vamsaa vazhila vanthathunaalaya?"

Marital Status: Single, Shivite Yogini.
Mother Tongue: Tamil
Ethnicity: Varna-Kshatriya, Kula: Chola, Kallar-Mukkulathor, foster: Tulu Moodillu Iyyeru, Wodeyar Ancestries included.
Species: Rákshasha Ganá (A Demonic Race in Enmity with all Gods)
Education: D. Pharm., M.A. English, B.Ed., .NET, CMS,... 
Height: 5' Feet 1" Inch
Skin Tone: Yellow to Wheatish with Tan.
Body Shape: Apple
Blood Group: O Negative

Names called: 
  1. Jasmine (by foster father 1984), 
  2. Rowdy Girl (Collegemates-2016 ), 
  3. Kutti Korangu (by Lord Shiva on Vaikasi-32-2020, 14-06-2020, on the day she exchanged garlands with Lord Shiva's Linga, asking her not to climb the mountain further)
  4. Bujji (Little one - by Rebel Star Prabhas Raju 2020, asking her to go back to Lord Shiva saying He's Devudu and it's Thappu to offend Him by leaving the God for a man)
  5. Dáksháyani (invisible sage 2021 who asked her to leave soon from an inter-dimensional portal)
  6. Vaarungal Siva Naachi Amma (Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi in 2021 in a dream after she went to sleep wondering if the goddess will allow happily into the temple after her marriage with Lord Shiva. Kámákshi Amba had appeared as a little child on her peetha sitting with one foot folded and the other down in God pose with a red top and a yellow skirt, so divine)
  7. Panni (Pig-by Lord Shiva on Aadi-7-2021, 23-07-2021, saying that he ordered piglets to bite off the thorn bushes on the way in advance as a Pig was arriving)
  8. Aandaal, Kothai Nachiyar, Mahalakshmi, Parashakti, Parvati, etc by encountering devotees of Shivism and Vaishnavism near or in temples.

Pledge your Organs as Satí

Other Services: Animal Rights Activist, Environmentalist.

Hobbies: Astrophysics, Author, Musician, Singer, Poet and Sculptor.  

Hobbies: Wandering in the Rudragiri mountains praying to Lord Shiva researching  inter-dimensional portals of the mountain, Big Foot liar hunt, picking medicinal herbs, Script writing, singing, doing physics, etc.

Languages Well-Versed: Tamil and English

 Generally Sari or Salwar.  Her foster father who turned into a Muslim had asked her to wear Burkah for public view until she reconverted to Hinduism from Christianity after tedious research concluding Yahweh is Lord Shiva.

Favorite Personalities with respect to Chivalry and Charity:  Lord Shiva, Actor Prabhas Raju, etc.

Favorite Sports: Underwater Swimming, trekking, hiking, etc. 

Favorite Musical Instruments: Violin and Antique Grand Piano

Favorite Musicians: Hans Zimmer and David Garrett.

Favorite Violinists: Niccolò Paganini and David Garrett.

Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, White, Black with Pink or Purple, Yellow with Blue, etc.

Early Life
When Pramila-Satí  was a child, she was different from her little friends by means of reasoning and innovative capabilities, and her favorite pastime was daydreaming. She grew up as a confident young girl and her writing started from her school days being inspired by the diverse and beautiful Indian culture as well as for the school activities in both English, the medium of study as well as Tamil, her mother tongue.She did her BA and MA English studies after and wrote her first published work, a novella, "The Pearl Box and the Seahorse" when she was 21.
She obviously has a great passion for the British Isles, which is evident from her works. She herself made sketches for "The Pearl Box and the Seahorse," that depicts what she had in mind.
Her debut Tamil novel, "Antha Iruvarin Naatkurippugal," written in 2009, was released in 2010.
Satí wrote Potruhil (2012), Tamil's Sixth Great Epic (Perumkaappiyam), the First by a poetess. She is also the second Great epic (Perumkaappiyam) writer by her Manjari Purana (2017).
"Puram Nooru"(2013) a collection of hundred archaic Tamil songs of the Puram genre written by Kothai is about to be published in 2016 along with "Agam Nooru" (2015), both of which she says has many sweet Sangam Tamil songs.
Chellak Kaadhalan is a music album made out of a song from the screenplay script of "Vaazhvin Ellaik Kodugal," a novel by her, which is about to be released as the movie, "Siragugal/Chella Kaadhalan."
She left her biological parents as an infant.  She left her Foster family recently.  Her  current location is unknown but she continues to write and uses the official name"Satí सती சதீ" for her works.

Her public appearance has been postponed by the politician who claims to be her biological mother.

 Kindly check "Books and Works" tab for details and downloads of her works.



  • Mangalasasana Maalai
  • To Shambhala-The Golden City at the Earth's Core
  • My Brother Satan-Book 3: The Reign of the Morningstar
  • Dream Girl-Horror Novel
  • Potruhil-Perumkaappiyam-third edition-Hindu edition
  • The Mystery of Frideswide (Sequel to "The Pearl Box and the Seahorse)


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