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New Releases 1. Sivanin Satí Puranam (Tamil) - Download
1.a) Shiva's Sati (Epic)
English Translation - Download
2.  Download Mangalasasanam on Arulmigu Maruntheeswarar, Thirukachoor by Pulavar Satí.
3.  Mangalasasana Malai -DownloadClick here to read Satí's message on the August-11 miracle. is the only backup blog. Please don't entertain other blogs in the author's name.

"Lord Shiva is the most Supreme and the beginning and end of all creation but He has no beginning or end. The Holy Linga is the Fire Rod, which is Lord Shiva Himself, who gives out eight universes from Him and takes them back at the end of every cycle. I regret I wrote Manjari Purana. Also that without enough research and meditation to know the truth. I wrote it without caution or responsibility, which I'm truly sorry about.  Manjari Purana will be destroyed. Please destroy any copies if any of you might possess. Sarvam Shivamayam! Om NamaShivaya!"~ Satí


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