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Click here to view Satí Rudran's YouTube ChannelPulavar. Mrs. Satí Devi Rudranis the first and second Penpaar Pulavar (Poetess) to have written Sangam Tamil Grand Epics or Perumkaappiyams in the language, namely Potruhil (2012) and Manjari Purana (2018). The third Perumkaappiyam by Satí was "Shivasya Satí" (2020). A Grand Epicis a genre which has only five epics written previously by poets since 5th Century AD before Ms. SatíShe has written the sixth and seventh, namely, "Potruhil," and "Manjari Purana," the first among women. 
New Releases1. Sivanin Satí Puranam (Tamil) - Download
1.a) Shiva's Sati (Epic)
English Translation - Download 2.  Download Mangalasasanam on Arulmigu Maruntheeswarar, Thirukachoor by Pulavar Satí.3.  Mangalasasana Malai -DownloadClick here to read Satí's message on the August-11 miracle. is the only backup blog. Please don't entertain other blogs in the author's name.

"Lord Sh…

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